Shipping done for you.

Whether you're buying, selling, sending or returning an item,
wynd takes care of everything for you.

Save time.

We pick it up. We pack it.
We get it exactly where
you want it to go.

Save money.

Packaging is included.
Ship for the same price as
you would at the post office.

Never deal with
shipping again.

Let a wynd specialist do it instead.

For Businesses

You focus on your business. We'll obsess over your shipping.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable specialists work directly with
you to make your shipping cheaper, easier and more beautiful.

Find out more about wynd for businesses

Some of our partners

  • Brother Vellies
  • Taschen
  • Freemans Sporting Club
  • Catbird
  • Maison Kitsune
  • Pilgrim Surf Supply
  • Pamela Love
  • Dylanlex
  • Unis

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